Solihull Symphony Orchestra was sponsored by Solihull Rotary Club during its first year. Our thanks to the Presidents of Solihull, Solihull St Alphege, Knowle & Dorridge, Monkspath and Coleshill Rotary Clubs and the Solihull Festival for their kind support during 2005.

If you represent a business or other organisation based in Solihull or with interests in the area and would like to support the orchestra, please get in touch.

We offer a standard Business Supporters service which entitles you to a link from our website, complimentary tickets to concerts and listing in all concert literature from £100 per annum.

For £250 per annum, a Business Sponsorship would provide in addition - home page advertising on the website, half page advertisement in all concert programmes and a specific connection with our Rising Stars programme which provides opportunities for talented young local musicans.

Use our online contact form or

email info@solihullsymphony.org.uk or

phone 0121 745 5548


We welcome support from anyone who enjoys and appreciates our music. If you are a regular concert goer, why not consider becoming a Friend of Solihull Symphony Orchestra? For £30 per year (£50 for couples or families), you will receive tickets for all concerts, and full information about our current programme and plans for the future. For further details, see the Tickets page.


As a registered charity, any donations to the orchestra from UK tax payers qualify for Gift Aid of an additional 25% from HM Revenue and Customs.


You might want to consider leaving a proportion of your estate to the orchestra. Before writing a will or a legal document, you should always consult a solicitor. Below are some brief examples, which can serve as a reference only, and must not be taken as any form of legal advice.

General Bequest - to direct a specific amount of a certain type of personal property, usually a sum of cash, securities, stock options, etc. to Solihull Symphony Orchestra

Specific Bequest - specify from which source the funds are to be paid, such as a percentage of your life insurance, percentage of your estate, or specific pieces of property.

Residuary Bequest - to leave the orchestra a stated portion of your estate after all other bequests, debts, taxes, and expenses have been distributed.

Contingent Bequest - if circumstances make it impossible to carry out your primary provisions (as when your spouse or other heirs do not survive you), your assets will then pass to Solihull Symphony Orchestra rather than to unintended beneficiaries.

Non-money Gifts - a legacy need not be in form of money. Specific gifts in the form stocks and shares, property usage rights, works of arts and other valuables can also bequeathed to the orchestra.

We very much welcome your support - if you have decided to leave anything to the orchestra, or are thinking about doing so, please let us know. This will allow us to keep you informed about our future plans, and the ways in which your legacy could help to achieve them. All related correspondence would of course be treated as strictly confidential.

Solihull Festival Chair Keith Moody and Solihull Rotary President David Butler with Martin Leigh, former Music Director of the Orchestra, February 2005

Our thanks to the following organisations that have generously sponsored or helped our performances in the past

Peters Bookselling Services

Birmingham Libraries (loan of music)

Arden School (loan of timpani)

Wroxall Abbey (Last Night of the Proms 2008)

William H Painter (sponsorship, 2010)

Arts and Flowers, Shirley (flowers for soloists)
195 Stratford Road Tel: 0121 733 3036