Rising Stars 2005

Rising Stars Shine on a Sunny Day

Solihull Symphony Orchestra "Rising Stars"
Sunday 24 April, 15.00 Arden School, Knowle

Despite many other attractions on a fine weekend, Solihull Symphony Orchestra's annual Rising Stars concert at Arden School on Sunday afternoon drew an appreciative audience. Adam Ruffell gave a sensitive performance of the slow movement from Boccherini's cello concerto, accompanied with balance and restraint by the orchestra. The accompaniment to Katie Evans's two vocal performances was equally well matched - piano alone for Pergolesi, and the full orchestra for a beautiful rendition of Gershwin's "Summertime". For Daniel Chadwick's fine performance of David's Trombone Concerto, the orchestra was allowed to come into its own with a more weighty contribution to the proceedings. The most impressive performers of the afternoon however were David Sheard with Schumann's Piano Concerto and Caroline Pether playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, both executed faultlessly from memory, and leaving the strong impression that these were definitely names to be watched.