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George's 90th Birthday !

The Solihull Symphony Orchestra has be celebrating this week as violinist George Newns reaches his 90th birthday. George has played with the orchestra and its forerunner, Knowle Sinfonia since it was founded in 1990, and will be at his desk in the second violins for this Tuesday's rehearsal at Arden School .

George's father bought him his first violin for seventeen shillings and sixpence in 1925, and he took part in school concerts at a time when music hardly featured in the normal curriculum. During his twenties, George also played the Hawaiian guitar (above) with other guitarists and a singer in a small group playing popular songs of the day, way ahead of his time!

Later, during a busy professional career George returned to the violin and has played on and off all over the world - including a recital in Madras in the church in which Clive of India was married.

Despite recent shoulder problems, George hopes to be playing with the orchestra in its inaugural concert on 12 March at Our Lady of the Wayside church in Shirley, when they will be joined by the Hampton Singers in Beethoven's Choral Symphony - a major challenge for the new orchestra under its conductor, Martin Leigh

George's advice for young musicians ? "If your parents encourage you to take up an instrument, stick at it, even if practice seems a bit of a chore. In later years it will provide solace, comfort, enjoyment and companionship second to none"

22 January 2005


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